Always we use best effort that all business aims and perform are united to create a confident impression for your world-wide supply chain, this is adjoining atmosphere for you.



We work together to save our living planet “Earth”. We be able to help your company scope your long-lasting goals into a new products. We and our partners and suppliers invested in solutions that create to produce materials ca be use in recycling system with using technologies’.


We strongly follow ethical compliant and long-lasting sourcing in each characteristic of our operations and supply chain management. Our Corporate Group Responsibility (CGR) plug-in is the tool where we execute demanding supplier certifications, coaching and advising, audits proprietary and unannounced observing. Our connection manufacturers are moreover required to do uphold both Inlink Clothing Corporation certifications and individuals’ client/customers or other global accredited administrations.  


Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.                                                                  Potter Stewart 
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